Sammy and the Hentai Hoover Suck Machine.
I wish I had a Wench Wendy for my 18th birthday. Not sure what I’m going to end up doing. There’s seems to be an uproar over my trying to get free traffic from heavily filling keywords like hentai, cartoon porn, and tentacle hentai sex into the comments area. I don’t really want to charge a membership fee (I don’t really see any value in it anyway), so that doesn’t leave too many options. I wonder if these are some of the reasons why so many sex oriented comics have folded up shop. There were about four hentai/cartoon porn webcomics that started up the same time I did, and only one of those has updated this year other than PronQuest.

I DID plan on making it a full one year, so that would lock me into lasting until July. Of course my hosting is up in June so that would make a more fiscally logical time to stop if that seems to be the better alternative, eh still weighing the options. 😛 I have tinkered with the idea of shutting down all the webcomics in regards to new updates in July and then spending the rest of the year hunting and working on link building to see if that might help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.