Queen of the Undead.
Wonder how many google searches for Vampires and Warhammer are going to direct people to this webcomic page. Rupert the Ready is referring to when he first saw our topless little binyu hentai gnome Berri and thought she was the Queen of the Undead. Anyway, the Camp Williams people aren’t going to allow us internet because we pissed them off. Okay, mostly me. I kept making fun of them during the week by commenting on everything broke that “It won’t be fixed until the water hose is returned!” Gatorade’s out at the Dining Facility, “No more Gatorade until the water hose is returned!” Vending machines empty? “The Vending Machines will not be filled until the water hose is returned!” In Warhammer Fantasy my career class would be Agitator. And I’m probably the only person in the world that even knows what I just referred too. 😛