Pwease! and a Synopsis on the Fallacy of French History.
Wow, four panels and no naked hentai> pics. We need to get some nudity in here, ASAP. A heads up that there won’t be any furry hentai or tentacle hentai for quite some.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Libby Belle:PWEASE!
Lobo the Half Giant:GAH! Okay, I’ll share the quest with you! Just stop looking at me like that!”
Libby Belle: “YAY! Okay, if I was a frog what would I want to do?”
Lobo the Half Giant: “Surrender?”
Libby Belle: “I thought we weren’t looking for those kind of frogs?”

Synopsis on French Military History.
Note: this part was added later as a year and a half AFTER this comic was posted, the French were finally able to compose a rebuttal and posted it a few links in the comment below.
First off, I’m not anti->French, but if you are you should check out a very funny synopsis of French Military History. Well, I’m as non anti-French as I can be seeing as I’m in the United States Army, when I first attended the Army’s Officer Candidate Course (which I was pulled out of for Operation Noble Eagle in support of the war in Iraq) I was shocked (shocked I say!) to learn that the most popular class motto chosen my US Army Officer Classes was “Fuck the French!”. When did America (and more notably, it’s military) become so anti-French? So, I did some research on it, you can also do some on French Military History if you want.

First, the French were vital to the United States winning the Revolution. Not so much because they cared, because they didn’t. At that time the Thirteen Colonies and what would become the continental United States were a footnote on a scrap of paper you might remember to pull out of the lint collector in your clothes dryer. The real important territory was the Caribbean islands and THAT is what France was interested in, cocoa, vanilla, sugar, and coffee were far more valuable than a furry dead beaver carcass. They only encouraged the American Colonists to tie up the British so they could swipe as many islands as they could. Consequently, the British eventually came to terms with the Colonists, allowed them their freedom and promptly went to fighting over the worthwhile territory.

Still, Americans and the French were great friends and the United States sided with the French in World War One and Two. However, after World War Two the United States was suddenly a super power. All ports and airports spoke English because all the transport equipment had been American and Americans can barely speak English let alone be expected to understand something foreign like French. This sudden rise and popularity of America irritated DeGaulle (the primary catalyst of friction between the US and France) and many Frenchmen. They began to make snide comments towards Americans and do strange gestures at them. This naturally irritated the Americans who have since learned to reciprocate the feelings. Thus, they don’t play together that well anymore.