And we come full circle to the hentai pumpkin pie joke. The tentacles pretty much always win in the tentacle sex rape comics, so if you find yourself in the position you pretty much ought to make nice and get the most out of the hentai tentacle rape sex that you can. Maybe, the hentai tentacle monster will take a liking to you and keep you around for fucking sex toy! Although that may not be the life you want to live with for too long.

And off topic from the adult webcomic, Oklahoma won their game in the NCAA tournament so they’re off to the Elite Eight. Although, the Big East is looking pretty good this year. It’d be nice to play for the NCAA championship in football and basketball in the same year again, I’m trying to remember which year that was we did that in last time (all I remember is that we lost the Basketball championship).

We now return you to your regular hentai webcomic programming. Be sure to tune in tomorrow. Same hentai webcomic time, same hentai webcomic channel… (Sorry, had Batman stuck in my head every since the cable channels started running the Batman movie with Jim Carrey in it over and over again.)