I ALMOST made a character on WoW named this once, cuz there was lots of gray scrap clothing available to lowbie characters. But I resisted. πŸ˜› I did make one called “Yavaunalayme” though, and it got reported to the GM’s who contacted me and said; “I’m not sure why your name was reported.”
Me; “Say it out load.”
GM; “Oh!” pause “ROFLMAO” pause “Nevermind, you can keep it. πŸ˜€ ”
She formed her own guild after some “drama” in the one I was in, she’s a Draenei paladin on Argent Dawn and the only member/Guildmaster of a guild called “Melon Vendor”.
The GM’s did make me change the name of the Guild my Gnome auction mule had, her name was Webby and she was the guildmaster of “and a Big Can of Whoopass.” πŸ™

And I apologize for so many ads, I’m currently testing a few different ad services to see how they stack up, so far the first one I used (Black Label) has outperformed everything I compared it against (AdJungle and AVN). We’ll see if it remains champ.