Pizza? When the Fuck Did We Get Pizza?
Still working on getting everything caught up. I’m at the point to start working on the Poker Game for Portcall. Just a wee bit more….

EDIT: New vote incentive, help suggest a name for an upcumming character!

NOTE: Update’s going to be later today as my training schedule cut into my comic time and I’ll finish it up afterwards (4.23.2104).

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

First Hamerican Dungeon Guard: “Did you hear the big news? They’ve got the GADMOTHER down in the lower cell block!”
Second Hamerican Dungeon Guard: “The Gadmother… You mean the pizza place? We’ve got a pizza place on the lower cell block!! SWEET!”
First Hamerican Dungeon Guard: “What? No! The creator of the GADS, that were rampaging the countryside…”
Second Hamerican Dungeon Guard: “What the Hael are gads?”
First Hamerican Dungeon Guard: “GADS. Those huge metal golems with big mithril cocks in the main torture room.”
Second Hamerican Dungeon Guard: “Wait, we have the creator of those things here. In the same dungeon? Can I still put in for vacation time?”