Of Rats and Jabberwocks.
First off, Merry Christmas! Secondly, today is not the way we had it planned. Or yesterday for that matter. On Christmas Eve we usually have a big dinner party at the Grandparent Inlaw’s which was promptly cancelled due to the now labeled “Blizzard of 2009”. I went to work at 7:00 am that morning, wasn’t bad. Lots of drizzle and sleet but it was the good crunchy kind that’s easy to scrape off the windshield and drive on. Then around 9:00 am I help load up a customer with a generator and I can barely see. I can’t even see the store next to us that’s 100 feet away. Spent most of the rest of the day shoveling out stuck cars in our parking lot. We closed at 5:00 pm and I didn’t think I’d make it home with my Honda Accord considering the graveyard of cars all over the roads of people who’d gotten stuck, but she made it home and got stuck in the driveway.

For those interested, the most snow we’ve ever gotten in one storm or day in December in our state, only to be clarified later at the most snow ever in one storm in any day or month in the history of our state. Previous record was 12 inches in one storm over 3 days in 1987, this one laid down over 14 inches in less than 12 hours. Which doesn’t sound bad except there wasn’t anything the road crews could do about it due to the immense winds, plowing the roads only lasted 5 minutes after which the winds had blown the snow 4 feet deep on them again. Anyway, I made it home safe, happen to be one of the few houses that has power, everyone else in the family is trapped somewhere else. o_O

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