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That’s one thing I wished World of Warcraft had, henchmen. In Dungeons and Dragons after you reached a certain level you get henchmen which were basically player characters that you controlled in addition to your main character but were a few levels beneath it. Kind of like Batman had Robin. You can have pets in World of Warcraft, and as a Hunter your tamed pet is kind of like a henchman or if you’re a Warlock you can have a demon that’s kind of like a henchman, but other classes are out of luck. On a totally different note, while doing the random military training I’m busily packing and getting stuff ready for my two week sojourn to Ball, Louisiana (I’m thinking Louisiana, hot and humid, Balls? Yeah, hot and humid balls doesn’t sound like fun) during the the last two weeks of February. I’ve got a slot for a two week leadership course which is the last impediment for me to be getting promoted in the military. Immediately upon completion I have to report for pre-Mobilization train up for Afghanistan which will be transporting me to various vacation spots like Camp Shelby, Mississippi and Fort Polk, Louisiana and not to be out done, wonderful Camp Gruber, Oklahoma. What images does the name Gruber bring into your head? Redneck those up a bit and you might be getting close to the actual locale.