Needing some sexual healing.
Needing some sexual healing, the hentai priestesses of Nymphae got your cock covered or your pussy licked depending on what your needs are. Vauna Laeme (and Vauna Dewme) is a character name I actually use on World of Warcraft along with a little female gnome that looks a LOT like Berri called Little Webbie who started her own guild called “and a Big Can of Whupass.” So when you see her in game above her head it says “Little Webbie and a Big Can of Whupass.“) unfortunately the guild name was reported as offensive so it was blanked out. The admin that did it said he was sorry and saw nothing about it that should have been offensive but since it was reported he had to blank it out, people that report stupid stuff like that are why we can’t have nice things. Sorry, about the update for the Hentai Poster Company, DrunkDuck went down for the weekend and while they seem to be up this morning, the interface for uploading new comic pages seems to be “not working”.