My bad, frog skin boots. With warts.
So, today’s my last day in Lawton, as our class is over. Went to Wendy’s last night and waited the 40 minutes in line for them to process my order. Lawton is pretty much the poster city for inefficiency, I had forgotten that since it been over eight years since I lived here. Over the week I’ve eaten or attempted to eat at over 15 fast food restaurants. All, with the exception of Arby’s have been agonizing slow in taking over 30 minutes per order to complete. Carl’s Jr. being the worst (story for another day). Anyway, while waiting in line I contemplated the fact that they have two types of chicken nuggets, normal and spicy. The spicy has spiciness added to it. And for that ingredient they charge you negative 30 cents. Yes, they PAY YOU to force those nasty nuggets down. Because the normal ones are really good, don’t even need sauce. The spicy ones on the other hand… I’m sure they come out ahead, cause you have to buy a drink for the spicy one to wash the taste out of your mouth. But why did they add them to the menu if they’re so disliked they have to drop 25% of the price to get anyone to buy them? Maybe they really want to sell the add on drinks..