A Memorable Big Boobed Female with an Annoying Laugh.
I’ve always wanted a character parodying one of the most annoying females in anime. Anyway she’s been plotted (a term applying to PronQuest VERY loosely, but hey loose and hentai definitely apply to PronQuest and most of her characters) since the beginning. Along with elements of Battle Chasers I was also using elements of Slayers when I was coming up with characters for the idea of a fantasy hentai comic. I’ve always wondered whey there wasn’t more good Naga the Serpent hentai, I mean she’s got HUGE boobs, and they ALWAYS bounce. Okay, the laugh would get really annoying and I’m SURE whatever noise she makes when she’s into some hot, sticky, and sweaty hentai sex scene and really grinding out some quality animated cartoon porn would probably be AS ANNOYING as her Hee Haw laugh. But, hey, that’s what the mute button’s for.

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For those of you paying attention, the format for all of the manga/comic’s images has changed to a taller ratio. AND, if you notice the previous two updates prior to my year long exile were revamped, TYPO CORRECTED, and reuploaded to the new taller style. This will eventually be the rato for all my hentai comics as it will allow me to convert them to fit on your Kindles and Nooks. And yes, while in exile I was able to develop a way to build Kindle and Nook hentai manga. So, eventually all of PronQuest will be available in free Kindle hentai downloads. There will be a few PronQuest hentai comic spin offs that won’t be as raunchy although they will still have gratuitous nudity sort of a soft hentai so I can sell the collected versions through Amazon.com but PronQuest will remain very raunchy Hentai and won’t meet Amazon’s standards and will thus be free. Oh, and the catchup hentai pages between this return update and the last one from a year ago is 48 weeks. That comes out to two complete Kindle hentai comics. I figure the May 28th comic will start the next Kindle comic and then I’ll calculate how many pages I’m off and add some pages in the March to June 2011 time frame to round them out.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Gaga Godiva: “I can collect the rest of the Mageskin set later, I’ve finally reached the point where I can summon my first demon and having a minion will be more useful than a fashion statement! HEAHHHHH HAW HAW HAW HEAHH Now I just have to find the procedure to summon the demon…”
Spelvert the Snarktastic:“Missy, with that laugh, I doubt you can summon anything. Everything with hearing’s got to be five dimensions from here by now!”
Aahzra the Skeevish: “This is the first time I’ve been happy that spell misfire wiped out everything but my hand….”