Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!
THIS is EXACTLY what I would expect Methcrystaleze to report and what’s with the demon chick in the middle of a sausage party?

Have four new vote incentives for May 5 for my webcomics.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Hersute the Demon Champion of Demusa: “What the hael are those?!”
Demon Lord Gherth the Brawny: “Some new demon? Did I not get the memo on that?”
Demon Lord Gherth the Brawny: “Hold on… Methcrystaleze just posted that there are two gay Dragon nerds running around shoving giant dildos up people’s asses…”
Hersute the Demon Champion of Demusa: “Nerds? Well these two don’t look nerdy… they look scrumptious… and they don’t have a giant dildo…”
Hersute the Demon Champion of Demusa: “Hael, their cocks are bigger than Groenwaddle’s…”
Groenwaddle Personal Demon (in handy single serving size): “Da fuck? It’s because you’re looking in a mirror, they appear larger than they actually are… my cock’s bigger!”
Hersute the Demon Champion of Demusa: “Let’s get to the bottom of this…”
Newly upgraded Dragon Brute: “Remember, act TOUGH…”

Due to me getting behind on my Patreon/SubscribeStar/Pixiv updates (they all link to the same Dropbox folders) with my college finals, the normal ’15 latest art pack images’ is now a little more than 30 images as I was holding off deleting the old ones until I got caught up. The entire first two parts of Fit 2 Fuck volume 1 (pages 1-15) and volume 2 (pages 16-30) are will remain until at least May 15th when I will likely be caught up and will remove all by the latest 15 images as normal. SO IF YOU JOIN THE $10 PATREON LEVEL BEFORE MAY 15th you’ll get the normally $17.50 double pack of Fit 2 Fuck for $10, then you van hang around or cancel before the end of May, whichever you want to do. Also by May 15th I hope to package Dora the Sexplorer packs 1 & 2 and Carnal Combat pack 1 & 2 as they’re done.