Mammazons and Dragons the Role Playing Game.
Sorry for the glitch yesterday, I’m packing as I HAVE to be out of the apartment by the 31st of October (Monday) and one of my parents had a four hour surgery yesterday so I didn’t check to make sure the comic displayed correctly. May have to some filler pages for November/December due depending on internet access, etc. But by January everything should be running smoothly again. 🙂

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Purbert musing to himself: “Whole place is full of degenerates… Running around with their big tits out, how is my brothel supposed to compete if you can get that by walking down the street… Scratch that, former brothel, and that’s all Pussy’s problem now. Maybe I should use my position as Chancellor to institute some of ye olde fashioned Victorian values into the world…”
Paola, Mammazon warrior: “Hey, look, Chauna, a dragon. Have you ever fucked a dragon before?”
Chauna, Mammazon warrior: “Not that I remember.”
Paola, Mammazon warrior: “What do you say, dragon, want have a threesome?”
Purbert: “Degenerates. Whole damn fucking world…”