Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, been kinda hectic lately for me, but the best is just getting started, seeing as I live smack in the middle of Big 12 country and it’s bowl game season, I’ve got a lot of Bowl Games to watch. Fortunately the Big 12 was nice enough to spread out their bowls over the season. šŸ˜›

For those interested the Big 12 only had seven of the twelve members qualify for bowls this year:
Dec 29, Missouri will play Northwestern in the Alamo Bowl
Dec 30, Oklahoma State will play Oregon in the Holiday Bowl
Dec 31, Kansas plays Minnesota in the Insight Bowl
Jan 1, Nebraska will playsClemson in the Gator Bowl
Jan 2, Texas Tech plays Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl and no Big 12 team plays in the Orange Bowl…
Jan 5, Texas plays Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl
and Jan 8, Oklahoma plays Florida in the National Championship.

The five teams that sucked too much to make it to a bowl are Texas A&M, Baylor, Colorado, Iowa State, and Kansas State. Oh yeah, you’re mentioned. Can’t qualify for a bowl and make the whole conference look bad.

Editor’s note (Jan 2015): Wow, at one point time the Big 12 actually had TWELVE schools. Didn’t last long.