Okay, today’s the last day PronQuest can be voted on at Frumph.  So, I’d appreciate any and all clicks on the Frumph button.  Not sure what’s going on with Buzz, but hopefully they’ll be back up, when they are, I’ll let the current vote incentive stay up for a day, then run the last of Buzz’s incentives each day till their gone. EDIT, apparently Buzz went back to the previous incentive when they rebooted, the correct one’s up now. And as a heads up this one and the next three at Buzz are of the Gnome and Fuckling, so if you’re not into unhumanly skinny chicks with unhumanly HUGE boobs getting fucked by a wittle Gnome hung better than a 30 foot Tauren, it might not be for you… (Click Buzz002 at the right for a preview.)

VOTE BUTTONS Alright, October is Vote Incentive Month. There will be 16 promo pics for Top Web Comics and 16 different promo pics for BuzzComix this month. Each day I’ll flip a coin and if its “tails” I’ll upload the next pic of the 16, but I’ll 16 will be uploaded before November 1st. Top Web Comics will have the 16 part minicomic of Redd and Horndog, while Buzz will have 16 Halloween themed images.