Libby Masters a New Move.
The impalement of Libby Belle. AND… does anyone read webcomics at ComicFury? Kind of wondering how many people have ComicFury accounts. And does anyone have experience with SmackJeeves templates? Looking to set up Mammazon there. NEW VOTE INCENTIVE I GAME UP WITH DURING A WRITER’S BLOCK. When I get stuck I start throwing things together and occasionally, “oh, I like that.”

AND………. the latest in the ongoing addition of the LOST UPDATES from the year I missed in Kuwait:

Whoring just gives you a warm feeling all over.
Be careful, or you’ll die from Alzheimer’s.

I’ll post links to the newly uploaded updates from that year in exile on the new updates as I upload them. Which means you’ll see the links on Wednesday, but they may have uploaded any time in the week prior. For example, the first updates were loaded and went live on Monday, June 17, but the post pointing back to them didn’t go live until Wednesday, June 19.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Libby Belle:BONSAI!
Hung with the Foxling: “Look, ‘George!’ Itz dat suk da sol train!”
Lobo the Frog: “This is NOT going to be pretty…”
Fluffy Little Foxling: “EPH! EPH?!”
Grung the Hung: “Why yu not scream?”
Helga: “Actually, I think “sex cuntstretch” sounds better…”


Libby Belle:WOO HOO!…what just happened?”
ADVANCED ACHIEVEMENT: ATTACK MOVE UNLOCKED! -Vertical Impalement- Your pron points for this session of carnal combat will be multiplied by the amount of unused pron you have saved.
Otilla the Hung:
Grung the Hung: “!?!”
Fresh Hung: “!?!”
Generic Hung: “!?!”
Helga: “OH! That shiver that just went up your cock, do it again!”
Red Haired Hung: “!?!”