Let’s Return to the Dragon’s Harem.
Nothing looks more guilty than loitering at the scene of the crime. We’re about to get to close of issue 44 which is where the group breaks up (fairly permanently) into different directions and hentai story lines (even Melvrick’s group). I would like to finish an entire issue of Tentacle Tales and then do another bonus hentai sex comic (was thinking of doing the same thing with PronQueens for January so I can finish the Booty Queen plot arc). I might be able to do both Tentacle Tales and PronQueens until that arc is done. The bonus adult porn comic I had in mind after Tentacle Tales was Succubusty. I’ll but up a vote incentive for Tentacle Tales up later this afternoon with a preview of the character, it was inspired by the busty oppai succubus in the hentai video game Ero Eater.
Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Purbert: “All right, nothing more to be seen here except as potential suspects. Let’s head back to the dragon’s harem and decide what to do next.”
Dark Nessa: “The “Dragon’s Harem?””
Gandall the Grey: “Back already? Where’s the gnome? ”
Page Yatasha: “Berri went that way and left town.”
Gandall the Grey: “I didn’t see her go by… Which way did she go?”
Purbert: “See that big gaping hole in the city walls with the gnome engineering marks?”
Gandall the Grey: “Not sure what gnome engi… I do see a big gaping hole in the walls though.”
Purbert: “THAT way.”
Dark Nessa: “Wow, this is your headquarters?”