Let’s make a deal, do you keep your balls..
..or try for target number two? Okay, knew it was coming, my two weeks in Ball, LA at Camp Cook start.. today. Even though they sent us the 19th, I have to report on the 18th, found out yesterday and now State’s scrambling to reissue my orders so I’ll be covered. Means we made go on a two week vacation of updates, as I’m not sure I’ll have internet access there. I’m taking my laptop so if not internet I will be working on the strips and the updates will be uploaded March 6 (when I get back). Sorry, about this, but I did warn everyone at the end of last year that this was going to be an erratic few months and there was the possibility of some screwy weeks. Hopefully everything will work out and I won’t miss any updates, but I’m just forewarning in case of the worst.