I’ve Been Porking on the Toll Road.
Yes, there’s a four update gap between this one and the last. Those four updates are a switch back to the main group, but as I’ve been such a bad boy about updates, I figured I give the Hung scene the emphasis and THEN go back and do the switch back. You’re welcome. 😛

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Otilla the Hung: “Wot is dis? Sum kind ov trik?”
Helga: “The only trick appears to be sliding onto your pehemoth cock..”
Libby Belle: “That’s it! Shove it in there! ”
Hung Sidekick: “Uh, I tink we’re gonna need more guys!”
Libby Belle tries to nudge herself onto her Hung’s cock.
Otilla the Hung: “Usually, I wait for da others to loosen ya up first..”
Helga: “Quit whining and start grinding! I can’t fit that in by myself!”
Libby Belle: “It’s in!”
System Message: CARNAL COMBAT -Initiated-
Hung Sidekick: “Help!?”
Generic Hung: “I’ve been porkin on the toll road.. All the live long day..”
Gaga Godiva: “Oh, gahds, no singing..”