Funny story happened to me the other day. Went into the grocery store and was ecstatic to see they once again had Cherry Dr Pepper (real Dr Pepper, not that Diet Cherry Dr Pepper) in 2 Liter bottles, so I grabbed some and some other items and went to check out, swiped my bank card to pay and the guy behind me asks me if it was one of the Welfare cards. So, I think a minute, and say “No, it’s just my bankcard”, and he said, “Sorry, thought it was one of those Welfare bankcards what with the new shoes and everything.” SOOOOO, I was wearing a new pair of Nike running shoes, whereas the months before this I had been wearing some EXTREMELY beat up tennis shoes (mostly because I was too lazy to go buy some new shoes) that I’d actually shingle stapled together on the sides when they started to pull apart. As long as I looked like I couldn’t afford shoes, I was considered a working taxpayer, but the minute I’m wearing brand new name brand clothing, I suddenly look like I’m on welfare.

WTF? o_O I don’t have anything against those on welfare or unemployed, my best friend just recently lost his job due to layoffs but when did American society begin to expect those that are unemployed to be able to better afford clothing and items than those that are working and have jobs?