It’s a Personal Thing.
Okay, after 4 hours of fighting CorelDraw last night, (and multiple software crashes on it’s part) I finally said “Oh yeah? Well I’ve got another program on the side! Yeah! Didn’t see that one coming, didya?” And today’s update was done with PowerPoint. Don’t think Microsoft planned on PowerPoint to be used to make hentai webcomics but the must have realized at some point it would be used to make cartoon porn… It’ll probably take some practice to get it do what I want, I don’t like the speech bubbles currently and haven’t got the colors to come out exactly the way it like. But, apparently Rupert’s speech is now minty fresh. >_< Links to spots of hentai and past cartoon porn updates:

  • The webcomic’s very first hentai sex scene with Libby and Lobo (prefrog).
  • The warm up to the webcomic’s second hentai sex scene with Libby and Farmer Joe.
  • The webcomic’s third hentai sex scene with “the Farmer’s Ho” and Lobo (prefrog).
  • The webcomic’s first lesbian sex scene with Libby and Madame Fury.

The following sex scenes use the current render/light settings:

Note that there are more updates with nudity and minor hentai innuendo and cartoon porn scattered randomly throughout.