I need some damn pants.
As promised, a new vote incentive today starting a series with a new hentai Pron Queen each Wednesday. At some point before next Wednesday I’ll upload a second vote incentive with a bit born hentai themed nudity. Not that the Wednesday incentives won’t have any, I’ll just have a bit more freedom in the cartoon porn I add to the second one each week. Plan on doing at least 12 of the Pron Queens with the additional images that’s 24 total so I should be able to make a Kindle image book out of them to upload to see if Amazon will approve it.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Aahzra the Skeevish: “So? Think that’ll work for you, kid? It’s one of the most potent bonus outfits for a Warlock.”
Gandall the Grey: “Oh, it’s an impressive set. One I’d planned on collecting at some point, just..”
Gandall the Grey: “I’m still missing the pants.”
Aahzra the Skeevish: “NO PROBLEM! I got a pair of the pants in the back!”
Lady Gothchilde: “Pants are overrated.”
Spelvert the Snarktastic:“Seriously, kid. Half the people around here don’t wear pants. Or shoes.”