Maybe they really need some Boy Scout cookies? The really good ones you can only buy in an adult webcomic with hentai chocolate chips. Don’t ask about the icing or why it’s full of protein though, you might not like the answer, adult webcomic, hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Anyway, THAT is a kid, under 18, below the legal age. SO by law that kid can’t be involved in any sexual or even hinted at sexual acts. No tentacle sex rape, no single or double penetration, no big boobs, little boobs, penis, or even touching to my understanding of United States internet law. The characters can’t even mention the words sex, hentai, rape, loli, or anything else related to adult cartoons or an adult webcomic.

I pretty much need to have a method or plan to get children who somehow find their way into the adult webcomic or storyline OUT of it as efficiently as possible. And I have to so without any hint of hentai or sexual acts in a way preferred and endorsed by the United States Legislature. Gotta keep Congress happy, by golly, they’re the self imposed Imperial authority of the world wide web and all that’s decent in the known universe. It’s their manifest destiny to purge all hentai, adult cartoons, adult webcomic, and sex porn from our perverted little minds and eyes so that we can be better more morally upstanding citizens and generate more tax revenue for them to siphon off of us.

Come to think of it, Congress seems to have the whole hentai tentacle rape sex thing down, only it’s us they’re tentacle raping. O_O