I am a sexy shoeless god of whores!
And so the first appearance of Belchar Spitterleaf, PronQuest.com’s parody of Belkar Bitterleaf from the Order of the Stick and his famous saying “I am a sexy shoeless God of War!”. My Pet Tentacle Monster met it’s goal yesterday so there’s a new tentacle monster comic page as of yesterday. There’s no new Carnal Combat comic as those were originally only when the Patreon donation level increased by $10 or more and that hasn’t happened in quite awhile. I should get a new vote incentive for PronQuest up (not a new Carnal Combat comic) and a new vote incentive up for Mammazon.
Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Deuce Crandle: “Look, you can go back to the room if you want by I intend to bang this busty dwarf for the night.”
Helga Hammerhands: “It’s going to take more than one cock to handle me for the night…”
Belchar Spitterleaf: “Then this is your lucky night, babe. Reinforcements have arrived!”
Belchar Spitterleaf: “For I am a sexy shoeless god of whores!”
Helga Hammerhands: “Alright, I consider you two tonight’s appetizer…”