Helga, the Fuck Flex Fuck Bag.
One of the plans I had long ago when story boarding the Hung encounter was how to compensate for their monster cocks. It didn’t makes sense for them to be compressed to normal sized penises once they were inside their partner’s vaginas. So, morphing the female models for compensation of the huge cock inside them seemed to make sense, I was just a wee bit concerned on pulling off the morphs to properly convey the internal insertions of the Hung monster cock.

AND………. the latest in the ongoing addition of the LOST UPDATES from the year I missed in Kuwait:

Castle Cockenstein is closed due to fucking.

I’ll post links to the newly uploaded updates from that year in exile on the new updates as I upload them. Which means you’ll see the links on Wednesday, but they may have uploaded any time in the week prior. For example, the first updates were loaded and went live on Monday, June 17, but the post pointing back to them didn’t go live until Wednesday, June 19.
Yeah, not a lot this week, start of the month so I’m insuring the August updates are done first, and I got the back updates, Issue 1 done for the Five Year anniversary last weekend.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Grung the Hung: “I’ll gets you warmed up for the boss!”
Helga: “HOLD ON!! Your not as big as Otilla, but you’re still bigger than the others, I’m not sure it’s going to fit…”
Generic Hung: “All I’s sayin is she ain’t made a sound or moved in awhile…”
More Generic Hung: “So’s? She still feels the same to my cok.”
Generic Hung: “Tru dat.”
Grung the Hung: “Oh, it’l fit!”
Fresh Hung: “Yu’se about to pop out da other side!”
Red Haired Hung: “Doh, that’s go’n stretch her out.”