Have Fun Storming the Cartoon Porn Castle!
Castle Cockenstein, classic hentai name twist. Seems to fit with a hentai themed bad guy named Dickodemos though, especially since he fucks young ladies’ brains out. So, now we’ve got cartoon porn party number one with Libby, Lobo, Rupert, Gandall, and the Mammazon heading for Dickodemos (via the demonic tentacle sex happy pumpkin patch) so Libby can fuck him with her special sex lube she got from Madam Fury shortly after her hentai lesbian sex scene, and cartoon porn group two with Melvrick the Chaste hentai averse Paladin, Berri the nymphomaniac Gnome engineer and the Bartender father who was pimping his brain dead daughter out for sex (wonder what SHE’S doing in town with no one to keep her in line).

So, all the story lines are apparently coming back together and heading for Castle Cockenstein and Dickodemos.