Harder, Just a Little to the Left….
One thing about Berri, she’s always good for a little hentai friendly ass shot. For those stretches where we don’t have that much cartoon porn nudity. 😛

Free Hentai for One Whole Year.
Started posting PronQuest on July 6th, 2008 not really planning (or expecting) to make it a whole year, but July 6th is right around the corner, if anyone’s interested, I’d appreciate a few email to the fine folks at webcomicbeacon (ATsymbol) gmail (period) com letting them know about our one year anniversary coming up July 6th. I sent them a few milestone dates before but they didn’t publish them so they might be “disinclined to to acquiesce” to my milestone request (but they have posted and even interviewed other hentai adult webcomic authors), so maybe if a few more people sent them emails about it, they might change their mind…