Guess the Marauding Monster.
Just realized none of the monster guesses included any type of hentai tentacle creature, although Rupert mentioned the demon pumpkins but that wasn’t really a guess. Hmmm, Field Harvesters…..

Comic Coming to an End.
We’ve discussed this over and over, but it’s finally come down to the point that no one can tolerate the keywords in the blog, and since the alternative is for me to pay for advertising (and the forms of advertisement are limited due to the nudity in the comic) or charge for a membership fee, it seems the consensus it that’s it’s better for everyone concerned for PronQuest to come to an end. So, July 6th will be the last PronQuest strip. I’m sure there’s much rejoicing at Project Wonderful and Webcomicz so we’ll just be happy with the fact that I tried to pull off a free hentai comic, but didn’t quite succeed.

I’d like to thank those that supported the comic by reading it, tolerating the keywords, and bookmarking it (which also helped it search rank), but I said at the beginning I’d keep doing it as long as people were wanting it to continue and it appears that day is no more. So, I’ll do my best to come up with a satisfactory ending. So long and thanks for all the fish. 😛