Gnomeish MacGuffin, MacGyver, Something or Other.
Whatever you thingamacallit. 😛 I never watched the MacGyver series, I was an AVID watcher of Stargate SG-1 though. I really miss SG-1.
And there’s a new vote incentive for PronQueens, choose which one of the three Queens you want the next story arch there to be about and post your choice in a comment with a “5” rating.

AND I’ve finally started working on the pages for the SciFi Comic I’ve been pecking at for the last four years, Full Metal Hentai. PronQuest’s new vote incentive has the five primary team members (sorta SG-1 ish although there’s a lot of my favorite SciFi angles in this, I wanted a Dalek like race so there’s a Dalek like race, etc) and the first member character sheet is here.

AND………. the latest in the ongoing addition of the LOST UPDATES from the year I missed in Kuwait:

The General proposes Gullivere needs to do what she does best.

I’ll post links to the newly uploaded updates from that year in exile on the new updates as I upload them. Which means you’ll see the links on Wednesday, but they may have uploaded any time in the week prior. For example, the first updates were loaded and went live on Monday, June 17, but the post pointing back to them didn’t go live until Wednesday, June 19.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

First Hamerican Cop: “All right! Keep moving! I want to get to Fuckingham as soon as possible!”
Tinker Tina: “What the Hael’s wrong with you morons? Why haven’t you tied up her hands? What if she tries something?”
Third Hamerican Cop: “Bind her hands?! She’s a Gnome engineer, do you have any idea what she might make out of whatever we bound her hands with?!”
Tinker Tina: “Uh… No. What could she make out of something like that?”
Second Hamerican Cop: “She’d “MacGuffin” something!”
Third Hamerican Cop: “I have no idea, but after seeing the damage caused by her GAD’s I don’t want to find out.”