Frog roll-ups and pancakes.
The sheriff and I take a dim view to people who make jokes about doughnuts and pancakes. Do they have frog roll ups in France? That’s the only place I can think of that has a higher than average consumption of frogs so now I’m curious. Not sure if I’ll cover it IN the comic, but since I noticed the comments yesterday. Characters CAN die in PronQuest. I’ve always thought characters should have a natural lifespan in games. So, the characters do have a pregenerated (although unknown) lifespan and get older and will eventually die of old age. Now, there are spells/quests you can do to reset your youth or gain more years on your life. Magic users can virtually live forever with the right spells. There could be items that grant immortality, etc (like Rings of Regeneration or my favorite PronQuest magic item a Ring of Regurgitation which allows the wearer to reappear in a preset safe spot if the wearer is eaten by something).