Frog Brand Organic Lube.
Slowly getting used to the new work schedule.

NOTICE: As some of you know I’ve been having video card issues, one burned out (I had two in an SLI config) and I’ve been limping on one for periods while shutting down when he was heating up. The final and second one burned out (fairly sure) so I am unable to do comics until I get the issue resolved. This was coupled with being let go from employment (former employer being sued for fraud by the US Justice Dept which is why they let go over 25% of their work force due to the government not giving them work anymore) so it may be a month or so before I can save up to get the computer fixed.

!!New Notice!! Apparently video cards are not as expensive as I remembered and I had enough to order a new one with rush delivery, should have the card and installed soon.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Belle Flower: “Ewww, who knows what kind of creepy swamp diseases I’d get.”
Misty Mayhem: “Is Meattens purring?”
Libby Belle: “We’d better get on our way, the others are waiting on us…”
Hammering Helga: “We should be there by this afternoon.”
Belle Flower: “Should we let him sleep it off? Gahd that’s a lot of cum…”
Misty Mayhem: “On the bright side, you’ve got plenty of lubricant for your training sessions…”