Escape From Tentacle Rape Mountain.
Busty hentai girls find it somewhat easy to distract tentacle rape hentai pumpkins in this adult webcomic when the tentacle pumpkins are brain challenged and demon possessed apparently. And once the tentacle equipped hentai pumpkins are slapping each other upside the head with the tentacles, instead of wrapping the busty hentai girl with them, it’s the perfect opportunity to escape.

As I was going through some of the earlier posts I noticed story lines that branched off that I had forgotten about, normally a hentai webcomic, adult cartoon, or hentai comic would go to sex scene, wrap up and story over, but updating everyday now, there’s some tangents I need to remember to bring up to speed so that those specific points match up when they need to. I’m obviously going to have to do a spreadsheet with them so I can remember where those tangents are all at. 😛