Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Cum…
With double dick fun.

Unfortunately I have my annual military training starting Friday and its for a month so I won’t be back until August. I wasn’t able to get anymore pages of PronQuest done so either they will be no updates or I might get a chance to make some filler images. The Hentai Poster Company has its updates until August and got the Patreon vote incentives done.

UPDATE August 11: There will be a new page this week but it will be late. This is the last week of my Summer internship AND the second week of my final Fall semester (I missed the first week since I was an military training) so I’m having a lot of scrambling around to do to get everything set up and closed out for those. Didn’t help that I got my leg crushed between an armored door during military training and am having to deal with keep the internal blood pooling under control.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Libby Belle: “Damn. This one’s erect despite it being a Penis of unusual size (P.O.U.S).”
Helga Hammerhands: “Jeebus, its bigger than my leg… Or YOUR leg…”
Libby Belle: “The three of us are going to have to show Helga how much fun your cocks can be…”
Helga Hammerhands: “There is NO WAY I could give them a blow job…”
Purbert kicking Harrison: “Yo, you up? Come on… You’re supposed to be this impressive guy…”
Lobo the Frog: “That’s it. Kick a guy while he’s down…”
Purbert: “I’ll bet all the heat from the sun isn’t doing him any favors either…”
Purbert: “The fuck?! What in the Hael are you doing?!”