Choking Down a Good Deal While You Can.
Looks like we’ve maxed out Patreon at $54 a month. That’s puts 1/5 of the way to PronQueens weekly and 1/10 of the way to Titsune weekly. Fortunately, I checked with work and they have plenty of money for overtime so I’m going to be putting a few more comics on hiatus and just focus on working the weekends, it’s not like this is unexpected, when I was cleaning the directory of adult comics a month ago, over one hundred and fifty adult comic sites had gone out of business or just not renewed their hositng domains. The economy may have had something to do with it. Adult comics just aren’t in demand or read as much as they were several years ago, so I’m going to start focusing on non adult comics. Still plan on doing PronQuest weekly and Magical Virgin Princess Training Academy weekly on the Patreon account. Anyone have specific ideas on comic ideas they think might be interesting? I’ve got quite a few ideas but I’m not sure which ones to work on.

New vote incentive today. Will try to get the second page of Tentacle Tales, the old vote incentive moved to the Tentacle Tales chapter here later today.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Teah Silverleaf: “So, Berri, do we have a deal?”
Berri the Gnome: “IS getting to kill you part of the deal?”
Teah Silverleaf: “NO! If you kill me, no one will get you out and the queen will execute you! ”
Choke Choke
Teah Silverleaf: “So, DO we have a deal?”
Berri the Gnome: “Hold on, I’m still thinking about it…”
Berri the Gnome: “Fine, but you and your boss will have to provide me with ALL of the materials, and some of them are quite expensive, mithril doesn’t grow on trees.”
Teah Silverleaf: “Not a problem, just sit tight and we’ll work on busting you out!”
Berri the Gnome: “Of course, if I break MYSELF out I don’t owe anyone squat…”