Chinese Civilization V take out.
For those of you who leave under a rock or just aren’t into empire building or turn based civilization gaming, Sid Meier’s Civiliation 5 was released yesterday. I’d prepurchased the Civilization 5 Deluxe Edition from Steam (not sure what that was when I purchased it but the Civilization 5 website sent you to it when you clicked on the prepurchase link) and got notified yesterday morning that my download was ready. Didn’t play it much as it took a good part of the day just DOWNLOADING Civilation 5. 😛 It should be noted that the ENTIRE reason I bought my first PC was Civilization. Not Civ 2, Civ 3, or Civ 4, Civilization the Original. What was that, 20 years ago? The Engineering lab wouldn’t let us load it onto the school computers so I saved up and bought a PC just to play it. Apparently we were killing the Engineering computers playing a game called Empire all the time and they decided no games were going to be allowed on the school computers anymore. >_< And my new computers coincided with the new releases of Civ. Funny, I hadn't known Civ V was coming out till a few weeks ago and yet I got the new super duper laptop back in May. o_O I think the Civ series and my subconscious have some weird temporal link.