Can’t We Be Friends?
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Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Hamerican Dungeon Guard:AIIEEEEE! Run for your lives!! They’ll kill us all!!”
Berri the Gnome: “What the Hael? Now what do I have to deal with…”
Jake: “Uh, maybe it’s safer IN our cells…”
Joe Brandy: “Ha! Serves you right for not letting me out!”
Joe Brandy: “Now you’re gonna get what’s coming to you! Muwhahaha!”
Berri the Gnome: “YOU! What do you two think you’re doing?!”
Golem of Ass Destruction: “We’re killing the guards and using some of they’re internal tubing…”
Berri the Gnome: “Oh. well, I guess that’s okay… I thought they took out your power supplies?”
Golem of Ass Destruction: “We used some of the parts and internal tubing from the guards to rebuild our power systems…”
Berri the Gnome: “SERIOUSLY?! I’m so proud of you two, how much more do you need to finish?”
Golem of Ass Destruction: “Just a little bit more, but we’ve run out of guards…”
Joe Brandy: “ULP. Lady, I sure hope you didn’t take any offense at anything I might have said earlier…”