By Limited Royal Engagement.
Okay, so hoping I can keep access to the internet. The company I WORKED for is… in the news a lot these last six months. Laid off somewhere around 20-24% of their employees the first of January, which I made it past. But I was told yesterday that I lost my job as of tomorrow. So, not sure what the future’s going to be right now. I love how EMPLOYEES have to give a two week notice, but the companies don’t.

EDIT: New vote incentive up of another female monster.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Bruthe: “Here’s another round, you sure are selling the drinks tonight, Chekwita!”
Chekwita, Monkey Girl: “It’s those two henchmen that came with the guy talking to Purbert. They sure are running up a tab…”
Melvrick the Chaste: “Bartender! Another sarsaparilla, please!”
Purbert: “Well, that takes care of your tab. I wish everyone that owed me was that willing to make good on their debts.”
Rupert the Ready: “Yeah, well, I don’t like owing anyone money…”
Purbert: “Good for you, and just to show you all’s forgiven, your henchmen’s tab is on the house. JUST THEIRS, not yours. I mean, how much can those little fuckers run up…”
Rupert the Ready: “SO, since we’re square now… have you heard anything about a trial for a gnome?”
Purbert: “What? The GADmother? That’s only the trial of the century. EVERYONE wants to see that, That’s why the queen’s limiting access.”
Purbert: “Only the realm’s wealthiest and most powerful are getting in to that shindig.”
Rupert the Ready: “You mean there’s no way to get in?”
Purbert: “For you? Nope.”
Private Willbert: “This had got to be the greatest place on earth!”
Private Benjamins: “I wonder if the boss would let us get a part time job here?”

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