Of course I’m sure many of you recognize the blonde as a “blonde” version of Redd Ridemgud from last year’s Redd and Horndog 16 picture mini comic. I’ve been working on some more anthromorphic (for those of you not into anime, manga, or hentai, those are humanoid animals) characters for a Furry themed webcomic idea and/or for use in the retooled version of Portcall Uranus, but I naturally threw the newest one in with Horndog and Redd for comparison. Redd just seems to be attracted to anthromorphs. I need to touch it up a bit, but I hope to have it uploaded as a vote incentive pic sometime today.

Oh, and why anthromorphs for Portcall? I didn’t get around to it in the first comics, but in the Portcall Uranus universe there are no human males. Human males are extinct, goney long gone gone. Just human females left.