Burning Galloping Groin Rot.
Gah, working on a new vote incentive but I’m not done with it yet. 😛 Although, the Pumpkin Horde side story has gotten a few more pumpkins built for it. Burning galloping groin rot is a real disease, in the world of Pron anyway, if you’re going have a hentai sex game where sex is how you earn points there SHOULD be sexually transmitted diseases too.

Links to spots of hentai and past cartoon porn updates:

  • The webcomic’s very first hentai sex scene with Libby and Lobo (prefrog).
  • The warm up to the webcomic’s second hentai sex scene with Libby and Farmer Joe.
  • The webcomic’s third hentai sex scene with “the Farmer’s Ho” and Lobo (prefrog).
  • The webcomic’s first lesbian sex scene with Libby and Madame Fury.

The following sex scenes use the current render/light settings:

Note that there are more updates with nudity and minor hentai innuendo and cartoon porn scattered randomly throughout.