Bing, summon a demon? There’s an ap for that.
And yes, I have gotten a Windows phone since I’ve been back. Mostly to play Angry Birds, but I can put word docs and stuff on it too. It’s just, remember Bing? The world’s must NOT useful search engine, you could search for “fix leaky faucet” and it would pull up “Hardee’s roast beef sandwiches.” Yeah, well Microsoft was so PISSED at the world for NOT using their totally worthless search engine that they made it a terrorist ap on the Windows phone. It pops up for no reason when you’re texting or doing something constructive like playing Angry Birds. And it’s NOT a web search engine, the web search engine on the windows phone is something different. It’s just Microsoft’s way of getting even with the world for not using their crappy search tool and letting Apple pass them in net worth. 😛

Oklahoma City Thunder win game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat.
Wow. Never thought I’d see this. First off no one in Oklahoma City five years ago would have expected us to get a Major League sports franchise. People were amazed that we packed the arena and cheered even though the Thunder had the second worst record in the NBA, then they were amazed when we cheered our team after they lost in the first round of the Playoffs. Oklahoma City’s just happy to have a Major League sports team. This year when they won against the San Antonio Spurs and made the Finals, the entire city was on cloud nine. As I ran errands throughout town EVERYONE had a huge smile on their face. Then it started to hit everyone, not only did we make the Playoffs, that means half of the NBA finals will be in Oklahoma City….. 😀 Then yesterday morning while I was at the gym I looked up and saw an ad on ESPN with Spiderman swinging through, not New York City, but Oklahoma City. It was part of their NBA promo. That was pretty cool. Don’t know if the Thunder will win the series or not, I’m happy with their season regardless. I’ll be extremely happy if they win.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Gaga Godiva:“That must be the summoning circle….It’s the only circley thing out here.”
Gaga Godiva:“This better not be like those windows phones…. “Oh yeah, they’re easy, work just like your laptop,” and then nothing on it works like anything!”
Gaga Godiva:“You have to carry the #$@% manual around with you everywhere just to figure out how to get that DAMNNED Bing terrorist ap to stop popping up…”