Beware the Jiggle Rattle of the Armor of Whores.
And the thighs of March, always beware the thighs of March.

DELAY IN COMICS: Just started a new semester and between getting set up for the new classes and my drill weekend being that first week, I’ve got to get the homework and quizzes kept up so the next page should be up the weekend Jan 18.

SECOND DELAY: One of my best friends who I was in the Army with since 2002 and went on four deployments with committed suicide Tuesday and I got the call about it Wednesday. A lot of work went into contacting as many of his former unit members that I had contact info for and the funeral was Monday. Hoping to get some time for pages this weekend assuming nothing else happens. 🙁

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Blondalyn Fury: “It means you need to get over there with little sister or you’re going overboard with him!”
Lobo the Frog: “If she’s tries to throw me overboard, Bounce me back with those boobs of yours, will ya?”
Purbert: “That IS a lot more demons than I’d counted on, this goal to clear out enough to free a city may take a whole lot longer than I thought…”
Libby Belle getting smacked on the ass by Blondalyn Fury’s cutlass: “HEY!”
Blondalyn Fury: “You two got any problems with me throwing that frog overboard?”
The Cabin Boy: “I… I just want to finish my quest…”
Blondalyn Fury: “Good. Now stay out of my way…”
Harrison the Mighty: “Kid, from the sound of things you should get back with me and stay as far from that quest as possible…”