The Return of Melvrick
He’s been kind of off to the side for awhile, to be fair he did move when Rupert was embedded into the ceiling. But, for those that HAVEN’T heard, Battle Chasers, probably my favorite fantasy comic of all time, and a big inspiration for starting PronQuest is coming back. Joe Madureira, it’s creator and Ryan Stefanelli have cofounded a new entertainment company, Airship Syndicate whose currently ONLY project is a Battle Chasers comic and video game. Libby kind of patterned off Gully (and Skeeve), Purbert’s kind of a cross between Gnolan and Aahz (from the Myth Adventures series by the late Robert Aspirin), and the Golems of Ass Destruction were inspired by Calibretto from the Battle Chasers comic. And the new page for the Patreon comic should be uploaded Thursday.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Lobo the Frog: “Well, if you want another guy, that pretty much leaves you with that pretty boy elf, Melvrick.”
Purbert: “Who’s Melvrick?”
Lady Gothchilde: “The elf paladin at the end of the bar.”
Melvrick the Chaste: “I’ll do it! We must chase all those that harm our comrades and battle any who stand in our way!”
Purbert: “PALADIN? You’re kidding!”
Lady Gothchilde: “Oh no, they DO exist.”
Purbert: “So they’re like pandas or corporals, just really really rare.”
Random Bar Patron #1: “What the Hael, it moved!”
Random Bar Patron #2: “What moved?”
Random Bar Patron #1: “That statue at the end of the bar!”
Random Bar Patron #2: “Moved? It’s alive? It’s been there for the last two weeks and hasn’t flinched at all!!”