Another One Hits the Tree…
And another’s one down, and another one’s down….

[Previous commentary removed due to lack of interest.]

Will have four new vote incentives for May 20 (got derailed by the DreamHost database taking PronQuest down all day fiasco) for my webcomics on four my webcomics by the end of the day.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Newly upgraded Dragon Brute shoving Gherth out of the way and rolling a natural 20: “I said out of the way!”
Hersute the Demon Champion of Demusa: “!?!”
Other newly upgraded Dragon Brute: “And stay down… if you know what’s good for you…”
Other newly upgraded Dragon Brute: “I… uh… think we should get out of here before he gets back up…”
Newly upgraded Dragon Brute: “Or those others start fighting. we need to move it…”
Hersute the Demon Champion of Demusa: “Gherth? You okay?”
Red Demon: “Is he dead?”
Groenwaddle Personal Demon: “No! He’s just… so bored he fell asleep…”
Other newly upgraded Dragon Brute: “We need to move it, move it…”

Due to me getting behind on my Patreon/SubscribeStar/Pixiv updates (they all link to the same Dropbox folders) with my college finals, the normal ’15 latest art pack images’ is now a little more than 30 images as I was holding off deleting the old ones until I got caught up. The entire first two parts of Fit 2 Fuck volume 1 (pages 1-15) and volume 2 (pages 16-30) are will remain until at least May 15th when I will likely be caught up and will remove all by the latest 15 images as normal. SO IF YOU JOIN THE $10 PATREON LEVEL BEFORE MAY 15th [EXTENDED TO MAY 21st due to taxes and other obligations I had forgotten I had to get done] you’ll get the normally $17.50 double pack of Fit 2 Fuck for $10, then you van hang around or cancel before the end of May, whichever you want to do. Also by May 15th I hope to package Dora the Sexplorer packs 1 & 2 and Carnal Combat pack 1 & 2 as they’re done.