And That’s Just What He’ll Do…
When failure is a FUN option, you’ve done you’re planning well.

Side note, just realized we’re only $40 a month away from the OLD goal of restarting PronQueens on a weekly basis, which is even weirder since I finally got the Hentia model finalized to my liking and the story arch was the next PronQueens issue and happens to PERFECTLY coincide with where the current PronQuest story is.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Harrison the Mighty: “Oh my… You actually think you, or the two of us, can generate pron points faster than Purbert can spend them? That’s like trying to keep up with the Kardashian’s plastic surgeries…”
Lobo the Frog: “It’s better than nothing, even if we fail, we still win with the tit fucking!”
Purbert: “He’s got a point, no harm in trying…”
Harrison the Mighty: “YOU just want us to generate more points for you to spend.”
Ephie the Foxie: “See, I’m you’re friend, do you want to be my friend?”
Lobo the Frog: “I’m gonna need both hands free for these babies…”
Libby Belle: “Uh, do I need to closer to the ground for this?”
Lobo the Frog: “Nope, I’ve got this handled, just you watch…”