An Attitude Adjustment.
Just so you know, Teah has been in the comic before, she didn’t speak and wasn’t mentioned “by name.” Patreon pledges are slowly growing, we were at $22 a month for December and we just recently rose to $38 a month. With PronQueens going on hiatus I’ve started updating Mammazon on Mondays. The Chibi Jeebies on Sunday, a new Magical Virgin Princess for the Patreon donators on Monday, and hoping to get to do a few new Portcall Uranus pages soon. Not to mention the latest Cthulhu comic on Tuesdays. New vote incentive today.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Berri the Gnome: “And what’s the catch?”
Teah Silverleaf: “Catch? Alright, my boss wants you to make more of those golems of ass destruction…”
Berri the Gnome: “Absolutely Not! I will not be responsible for any more pain and suffering!”
Teah Silverleaf:WHAT?! When did you start caring about pain and suffering, cousin?”
Berri the Gnome: “Cousin?”
Teah Silverleaf: “Wait, now your saying you don’t even know who I am?”
Berri the Gnome: “No I don’t, The priestess of Nymphae said it had something to do with my head some kind of psychological..”