Adventures in Clothing Fitting.
Got the comic done before work, will finish the dialogue below when I get back.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Taylor Teesamat:Hey, SCRUFF! Get out here, we’ve got a fitting!! Wait till you see scruff, I don’t keep him around for his looks if you know what I mean…”
Libby Belle: “Uh, okay…”
Taylor Teesamat: “This is my assistant, Scruff.”
Libby Belle: “WHOA! You ARE a big one!”
Scruff the Meaty Dragon: “Yeah, I’ve always been a BIG eater. Steak and potatoes.”
Libby Belle: “Yeah, TUBE steak. Big helping of tube steak.”
Al Brino: “Whatever, it’s genetics.”
Taylor Teesamat: “All right, let’s get to work!”
Taylor Teesamat: “An old stand by, the hot nurse!”
Libby Belle: “But I don’t have any medical training…”
Taylor Teesamat: “The busty maid!”
Libby Belle: “Am I an invited guest, or an employee?”
Taylor Teesamat: “Good point.”
Libby Belle: “I’m a cave woman!”
Taylor Teesamat: “Absolutely NOT! That’s say’s “fuck me, I’m fuckable and like to fuck.””
Libby Belle: “Aww… But I like this one…”

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