A Guest Plus Two.
Uploaded the new page of Magical Virgin Princess Training Academy to the Patreon account. New vote incentive today, and A SECOND VOTE INCENTIVE up at Mammazon, both are prospective new Princesses for MVPTA.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Bang Her Clothes Off: Quest Failed.
Purbert: “Her first day as a Whorelord and she’s already giving out FUCKING quests…”
Taylor Teesamat: “And impossible ones to boot, the “Golden amour” set is deigned to not come over during sex.”
Bruthe the Bartender falls asleep. “Snooore”
Libby Belle: “What? But, I lost a piece in the beginning!”
Taylor Teesamat: “Really? Look again, it’s all back on, it probably hadn’t “bonded” to you yet.”
Libby Belle: “Non removable clothes? This is not good…”
Daunkey the Drag Ass: “Hey, Boss, the Queen’s Chancellor said this Whorelord of yours could come and bring her chancellor plus two retainers. ”
Purbert: “Two retainers, guess we need to figure out who will be the most useful..”
Bruthe the Bartender falls asleep. “Snooore”
Libby Belle: “Uh, a little help back here, I’m kind of pinned against the table…”