By Thor’s Groin Beard!
I had to come up with a good oath for Helga, and I think I’m happy with the “Thor’s groin beard” bit. It has a nice PronQuesty feel to it. 😛 We had a massive hail storm last night and the significant other got it on her cell phone (I’m trying to get her to post it on the internet) but we didn’t get the whole thing. We did get the bit of it beating the crap out of the mail box and shredding it like it was stunned cow being attacked by raptors. There’s not much left of that mail box.

UPDATE on laptop and school dates.
First, we had a serious hail storm last night. I’m in Oklahoma, so if we say serious, it IS serious. It poked holes through people’s cars, not the windows, the car body. I got rather lucky in that it only took out the garden plants and one window of my Honda. But, I have to get the window fixed today as my school date is officially June 14 (the day I have to report to Camp Williams, Utah), so if I can’t get a laptop by the first part of June, then PronQuest will have to go on hiatus from then till August 2nd (when I get back).