Don’t Miss the Royal Sex Dungeon Experience!
You’d think Queen Gullivere WOULD have one of those, maybe more than one.

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Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Libby Belle: “Wow, the Queen must have some really interesting sex toys to shake the whole palace like that…”
Purbert: “She has the resources of the wealthiest and most powerful kingdom at her disposal…”
Scraunk (inside wall): “That didn’t come from the Queen’s chamber, that came from the dungeon.”
Purbert: “The dungeon? Where the gnome is?”
Libby Belle: “Dungeon? She’s got a a whole sex dungeon? Can we go?! Please?!”
Scraunk: “Yeah, she’s running around somewhere in there.”
Purbert: “And the GADs, where did they put those?”
Scraunk: “In the dungeon. But they removed their power supplies.”
Purbert: “A gnome engineer, two GADs, I’m pretty sure she could make new power supplies…”
Purbert: “Alright, everyone get out of the palace as quickly as possible. We’ll all meet up at the Dragon’s Harem. I see the paladin, we need to grab the Dwarf, we can’t leave anyone behind.”
Libby Belle: “We’re stopping at the sex dungeon on the way out, right? I mean, that’s a must see isn’t it?”
Purbert: “Sigh. Look if we don’t get the dwarf quick, the dungeon will be all filled up with other guests… So FIND THE DWARF.”