The Queen’s Commoner Core.
They don’t need to read, the government will tell them what they need to know. “But, the government officials can’t read either, they’re even stupider than the Commoners!” That’s because in Hamerica we choose our government officials from the dumbest sector of the populace. Still trying to recover from my SEVERE allergies, mentioned it a bit on the Patreon feed last week, I was bedridden from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday as I couldn’t breath when I was laying down. Doctor has me on four medications to help clear out my lungs and help block my over active sinuses. It’s really screwing with my production at work and on the comic, because everytime I start working on a task I’ll go into a 2 and half minute coughing fit which screws up whatever I was doing.

We hit the bonus comic goal so I’ll make a new bonus comic image and upload it for the vote incentive sometime between now and Friday. Patreon comic update should be Thursday too.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)


Libby Belle: “”
Purbert: “”
General Porktown: “”
Gullivere: “”