Fucking Lord Lylwin, the Duke of Pork.
If you’re familiar with the HBO Game of Thrones adaption, think of Lord Lylwin’s dialogue being spoken by Lord Tywin. On another note, anyone who signed up to support PronQuest on Patreon through PayPal is having their support declined by PayPal, who won’t process support for NSFW projects (yes, PronQuest is NSFW). I’m currently finishing up another XXXpanded issue (PronQueens #1) which I hope to have online for sale the first of June and my intent is to give a free copy of the it to all May Patreons (which is charged at the end of April). Also trying to finish up Titsune with 12 extra pages for sale on Renderotica.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Royal Steward: “Allow me to introduce you to the queen’s uncle, Lord Lylwin, Duke of Pork.”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “She’s not QUEEN yet, steward. That’s the whole reason for this coronation. So, I hear you’re a new whorelord. You must have done quite a lot of fucking to pull that off.”
Libby Belle: “I suppose…”
Helga Hammerhands: “Good luck with the queen, girl, I’m gonna go mingle with the crowd…”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “You SUPPOSE? How else would you become a whorelord, collecting splooge stamps?”
Libby Belle: “Yeah, I suppose I had to fucking work at it abit, why? Did you want some fucking pointers?”
Lylwin, Duke of Pork: “Aha! There we go, now you’re starting to sound like a fucking whorelord.”