Here He Cums to Save the Day…..
Well, HE’S not cumming, yet. But he IS here to RACK…. you UP.

Comic Dialogue
(If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Purbert: “Alright, Options… Only one right now, repair city hall…”
Harrison the Mighty: “THAT didn’t seem to affect her boob size…”
Purbert: “Wasn’t a lot of damage, didn’t cost much and the build time was reduced. Plus it’s required for all the other buildings…”
Harrison the Mighty: “Hold tight, frog, I’m going to join you, then we can rack up points twice as fast…”
Lobo the Frog: “Damn straight I’m holding tight, These boobs are MINE until I just can’t fuck’em no more…”
Purbert: “Okay. Almost done…”